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Please consider supporting mySociety’s campaign to get UK draft legislation published in a useful electronic format. Ask your MP to support Early Day Motion 2141.

This post is somewhat belated. I mailed my MP on 5th November (Remember! Remember!) and he signed the motion on the 12th. I take full credit. Now it’s your turn.

Here’s the mail I sent. It’s not super, and please don’t use it verbatim (everyone needs to feel special, even MPs). But do feel free to crib bits and bobs.

Dear XXX,

As one of your constituents, I am writing to request that you consider signing Early Day Motion 2141.

This motion proposes that Bills be published in a more structured and therefore more useful electronic format.

I believe that this would benefit our democracy by supporting innovative ways to improve citizens’ access to proposed legislation.

For example, third parties (such as mySociety) could create new services allowing citizens to:

* Sign up to be notified by email when a keyword they care about appears in a bill or an amendment

* Compare different versions of bills quickly and easily

* See how amendments would change bills without spending hours waving around different bits of paper

As a computer scientist I believe that the cost of implementing this proposal should not be significant, but that the potential benefit is very considerable indeed.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Joe Halliwell

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